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Central government sympathizer of the poor – Marshah.


‘Peace Ambassador to India‘ Marshah said that poor families are at the center of the policies and decisions of the Central Government led by the successful Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. She said that the recent handing over of keys of 3024 Jhuggi – Jhopri flats in Delhi by Shri Narendra Modi to their owners shows that the Central Government is striving to make Delhi a model city. Marshah further said that the Modi government is working to bridge the gap between Pash Colony and Jhuggi – Jhopri in cities. She said that to rehabilitate the slum dwellers, the government has built these flats in Kalkaji, Delhi. Marshah said that as much blood and sweat of the poor is spent in the development of cities, he is forced to live a life of poverty in the same city, but the Modi government has replaced the slums next to tall and shiny buildings which made the poor flat. He is an example in himself.

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