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Marshah slams desperation to invade Virat Kohli’s privacy

Lucknow:Peace Ambassador to India Ms. Marshah has raised serious concerns over the invasion of privacy of Global cricketing icon Virat Kohli, currently in Australia for the ongoing ICC T20 World Cup. “Where are we heading to as a generation?” Marshah averred, in reference to a stranger filming Kohli’s hotel room at a posh hotel in Perth, and publishing it on social media. The clip understandably went viral. “This is no less than a heinous crime to me. Right to privacy is a fundamental right in India. I understand this happened in Australia. But isn’t the right to privacy a global human right?” Marshah stated. “As a generation, are we psychologically challenged? Otherwise, why is there such desperation to cross the line, and invade someone’s privacy? Why can’t we leave him, and all alone?” She also came down heavily on the organisers for such “callousness.” “Such a nightmarish experience happening during a World Cup in Australia highlights the incompetence in handling even the basic operational aspects. It takes immense character from our cricketers to overcome such incidents,” she maintained. “Winning the Cup will be the perfect reply. Let’s do it boys.” The post Marshah slams desperation to invade Virat Kohli’s privacy appeared first on Spasht Awaz Home.